For many Silicon Valley is the promised land of bleeding edge ideas and innovation. In the 31 years since the term was first coined, the San Jose area has become known for what Michael S. Malone calls a distinct community of characters and eccentrics-an enigma that fuels creativity and evolutionary technology around the world.

And as vibrant as this community has become, we believe that there remains untapped genius-waiting to be harnessed-that can help as we re-imagine the idea, the place, and the experience of Silicon Valley. Our goal is to provide a chorus of diverse voices interested in aiding this visionary culture evolve into a true model for global creativity and experimentation-not just through the technology it produces, but by expanding the very core philosophies and drivers that affect everything from hiring practices and company culture to community responsibility, artistic expression and the use of open space.

Reflecting the networked nature of Silicon Valley and of this year’s curation process, The I Dream SV interactive sculpture will harness collaborative wisdom to propose next steps for this forward thinking region.

Inspired by the famous Langston Hughes poem “I Dream a World,” the multimedia project will be a collection of inspired answers to a simple question “How would you reimagine Silicon Valley?”

Full Proposal

Artists Bios

Work Samples

Vote for the Project here


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